When I was a little girl, I remember watching "Karagoz and Hacivat" http://www.karagoz.net/english/shadowplay.htm a traditional Turkish puppets shadow play. About a month ago I heard about Medea Awards http://www.medea-awards.com/ and went back to my childhood... I made a small research on how it is performed and decided on making the project "Fellow Shadow Spider Incy Wincy Theatre" for medea-awards. First, I chose the nursery rhyme "Incy Wincy" among hundreds on my mind and then I determined the elements in the play; a spider (for sure!), a house with a water spout, a smiling sun and rain clouds. Then I found some pictures from the internet that will fit to the elements in the play and I drew them (considering the copy rights I didn't copy them directly, but drew by looking at the pictures- inspiration:)) and then copied them to transparent paper. After copying, my students helped me coloring and cutting them. As a screen I used tracing paper. I set a spotlight behind the tracing paper and recorded the play. To move the puppets easily, I used wooden sticks. Again considering the copyrights, two colleagues (Ezgi Ozbey & Burak Usanmaz) played the music and I sang the song. It was more than fun! We laughed so much during the recording of the rhyme. As a final touch, I put the music and the video together on blogspot and there it was! http://fellowshadow.blogspot.com/


As a kindergarten teacher I know (very well!)the importance of attention span and varying your activities. (It is variable and range from only 3 to 5 minutes per year of age in young children.)In a fourty-minute lesson you should at least have five or six different activities to keep your kids attached. Considering this, I always include as many games, songs, rhymes and stories related to the topic as I can. But the thing I never change is the daily routines in my lessons. Once I go into the classroom, I greet my kids with a song and then we sing and dance about what the weather is like, what the month, day, season it is. And we do all these routines in the same order. Surprisingly they never get bored and moreover they enjoy every second of it. Above you see a picture of my 5-year-olds laying down after doing the days of the week routine and singing Jack Johnson's (You do remember "Curious George, don't you?)" Lullaby" and resting... http://www.jackjohnsonmusic.com/