A couple weeks ago I started sharing the activities I do in class. Here comes the next one. The game is called "Flying Cards". You can play the game with any topic you want and also can ask your kids to tell the vocabulary or make sentences out of them. So, how do we play the game? You take a set of flash cards and choose a kid. The kid takes the cards and throw them into the air so the cards spread around the classroom, some facing up and some down. According to the level of your classroom and your aim, ask the kid to tell the word or make sentences out of the ones that are facing up . The game is fun and kids like throwing the cards. But some tips will be useful here, I guess. When the kid with the flash cards throws them, there may be some curious ones who want to touch the cards or/and turn the ones that are facing down. So, be sure that you set the rules and explained them to the class very well before you start the game. Another point to consider is, if you play with a lot of flash cards, while a kid is producing sentences or saying the words, some of the others may get bored and spoil the game. So, it is better you play with 8-10 cards. The game is so fun and also productive in many ways. Hope you will enjoy:)


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